Types of Courses to be covered:

The scheme is proposed to facilitate all kinds of Non-formal skill oriented courses that could go on evolving as per industry requirement as per the following broad parameters:

  • Designed, evolved, recognized by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC
  • Standard courses conducted by ITIs, other govt. training institutions could also be included
  • To be conducted by agencies/institutions recognized/accredited by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC
  • Courses are to be in line with National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) at various Levels (i.e. upto Level 5) in a modular way
  • Duration of courses could range from 200 hrs to 400 hrs.
  • Could be imparted in part-time mode or full-time mode.
  • Course fee could be arrived at depending on no. of hours, level of expertise involved and type of investment required for creating training infrastructure, labs, etc.
  • All courses to follow a uniform training process prescribed by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC.
  • All candidates trained by various agencies to acquire certificate by ESSCI/NIELIT/TSSC to become eligible for financial assistance.

An Expert Committee has been constituted by DeitY which will recommend various courses to be covered under the scheme. The office order of Constitution of the Expert Committee is Expert Committee Office Order.

Key Implementing Agency :     Level:
Sl.NoCourse NameCourse CodeCourse FeesReg. FeesCourse LevelKey Implementing AgencyIndustry VerticalEligibilitySectorDuration
1 Installation & Maintenance of Photocopiers and PrintersNL/S/L1/C0015000500L1-L2NIELITOffice Automation8TH PASSService200
2 Assembly & Maintenance of PCsNL/S/L2/C0105000500L1-L2NIELITComputer HardwarePolytechnic, Diploma/ Graduation/ITI/12th/10thService240
3 Installation Repair & Maintenance of EPABX SystemNL/S/L2/C0115000500L1-L2NIELITTelecom Segment9th PassService200
4 Certificate Course in Electronic Product TestingNL/S/L3/C002100001000L3NIELITElectronic Product Design10th / 12th Pass With Science BackgroundService360
5 Repair & Maintenance of Power Supply, Inverter & UPSNL/S/L3/C003100001000L3NIELITIndustrial Electronics10th Pass/ITIService350
6 Repair & Maintenance of Dental equipmentNL/S/L3/C004100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
7 Repair & Maintenance of Imaging Equipment (X-Ray & Ultrasound machine)NL/S/L3/C005100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
8 Repair & Maintenance of ECG and ICCU EquipmentNL/S/L3/C006100001000L3NIELITMedical Electronics10th PassService350
9 Diploma in Installation & Repair of Consumer Electronics ProductsNL/S/L4/C007120001500L4NIELITConsumer ElectronicsITI or 12th PassService350
10 Automation Technology-Basic LevelNL/M/L4/C012120001500L4NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in Electrical Instrumentation Manfacturing240
11 Certificate in Robotic Programming & MaintenanceNL/M/L4/C013120001500L4NIELITIndustrial Automation10th with aptitude in the subject/12th passManfacturing325
12 Telecom Technician- PC Hardware and NetworkingNL/S/L4/C014120001500L4NIELITOffice Automation, IT & networking10th with strong Aptitude in Science / 12th PassService170
13 Computer Aided Product DesignNL/M/L4/C015120001500L4NIELITElectronic Product DesignPolytechnic Diploma/ Graduation/ ITI/12th/ 10thManfacturing360
14 CHM- O LevelNL/S/L4/C020120001500L4NIELITOffice Automation IT networking12th Pass/ ITI/ Diploma/ Graduation or MoreService400
15 Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Home AppliancesNL/S/L4/C021120001500L4NIELITConsumer Electronics10th + ITI, 12th Pass, Non-Science GraduatesService350
16 Solar-LED Lighting Products (Design and Manufacturing)NL/S/L4/C022120001500L4NIELITSolar Electronics10th + ITI, 12th PassManfacturing350
17 Post Diploma in Repair & Maintenance of Hospital EquipmentNL/S/L5/C008150002000L5NIELITMedical ElectronicsDiploma Holder / B.ScService400
18 Diploma in Repair & Maintenance of Industrial Instrumentation &Automation SystemNL/S/L5/C009150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationITI / Diploma / BScService400
19 Embedded System Design using -Bit MicrocontrollerNL/M/L5/C016150002000L5NIELITEmbedded System VLSIDiploma or AboveManfacturing400
20 Post Diploma in VLSI Design, Tools & TechnologyNL/M/L5/C017150002000L5NIELITEmbedded System VLSIDiploma Holder or BSc. GraduateManfacturing400
21 Automation Technology- Intermediate LevelNL/M/L5/C018150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in /Electronics/Instrumentation/ Mechanical/Electrical – for Technical students. Students with 12+ with science background and affinity towards technical studiesManfacturing450
22 Automation Technology-Advanced LevelNL/M/L5/C019150002000L5NIELITIndustrial AutomationDiploma in Electronics/Instru mentation/ Mechanical/Electri cal / Graduates, with science background and affinity towards technical studiesManfacturing520
23 CHM- A LevelNL/S/L5/C023150002000L5NIELITOffice Automation IT networking12th Pass/ITI/Diploma, Graduation or More with CHM-O levelService470
24 DTH Set-top-box Installer and Service TechnicianEL/S/L2/C0015000500L1-L2ESSCICommunications Electronics8th passService200
25 DAS Set-top-box Installer and Service TechnicianEL/S/L2/C0025000500L1-L2ESSCICommunications Electronics8th PassService200
26 Testing of Emergency Light & Solar LanternEL/S/L1/C0105000500L1-L2ESSCIPhotovoltaic Segment Solar Panel8th Pass having Knowledge of Basic ScienceService200
27 Wireman-Control PanelEL/S/L2/C0115000500L1-L2ESSCIIndustrial Electronics8th PassService200
28 Field Technician- Air conditionerEL/S/L3/C003100001000L3ESSCIConsumer Electronics10th passService350
29 Installation Technician - Computing and PeripheralsEL/S/L3/C004100001000L3ESSCIIT Hardware10th passService350
30 Through Hole Assembly OperatorEL/M/L3/C012100001000L3ESSCIPCB Assembly10th + ITI or 12th passManfacturing350
31 Circuit Imaging OperatorEL/M/L3/C013100001000L3ESSCIPCB Assembly10th PassManfacturing350
32 CCTV Installation technicianEL/S/L3/C014100001000L3ESSCIIT Hardware10th passService350
33 Access Controls Installation TechnicianEL/S/L3/C015100001000L3ESSCIIT Hardware10th passedService350
34 Field Engineer- RACW (Refrigerator, AC & Washing Machine)EL/S/L4/C005120001500L4ESSCIConsumer Electronics8th passService350
35 Field Technician-Computing and PeripheralsEL/S/L4/C006120001500L4ESSCIIT Hardware12th passService350
36 Solar Panel Installation TechnicianEL/S/L4/C007120001500L4ESSCISolar Electronics12th passService350
37 Pick and Place Assembly OperatorEL/S/L4/C008120001500L4ESSCIPCB Assembly12th passService350
38 LED Mechanical Assembly OperatorEL/M/L4/C016120001500L4ESSCILED Lighting10th + ITI, 12th Pass, Other non- Science graduatesManfacturing350
39 Assembly Operator-RACEL/M/L4/C017120001500L4ESSCIConsumer Electronics10th, ITI or 12th passManfacturing350
40 Certificate Course in LED Light Mechanical AssemblyEL/M/L4/C018120001500L4ESSCILED & Photovoltaic12th PassManfacturing250
41 Security System InstallerEL/S/L4/C019120001500L4ESSCIElectronic SecurityITI/ DiplomaService350
42 Tech SupportEL/S/L4/C020120001500L4ESSCISolar ElectronicsITI/Diploma/GraduatesService350
43 Field Technician Networking and StorageEL/S/L5/C009150002000L5ESSCIIT HardwareDiplomaService400
44 Telecom Test TechnicianTL/M/L2/C0085000500L1-L2TSSCTelecom Electronicsa) ITI - Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, b) Diploma – Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation c) Vocational Education Training (Final year candidate pursuing in ITI/Diploma)Manfacturing200
45 Telecom Installation and repair workerTL/S/L2/C0115000500L1-L2TSSCPassive Infra8thService200
46 Optical Fiber SplicerTL/S/L3/C001100001000L3TSSCTelecom8th passService250
47 Board Bring Up EngineerTL/M/L3/C009100001000L3TSSCTelecom Electronics10th,Undergoing ITI, Electronic/ Electrical/ Mechanical(including final year candidates)Manfacturing350
48 Telecom Industry Network Security TechnicianTL/S/L3/C012100001000L3TSSCTelecom Industry EngineerITI/ DiplomaService350
49 Tower TechnicianTL/S/L4/C002120001500L4TSSCTelecom10+2 and/or ITI Diploma in Electrical/ Mechanical including final year candidatesService350
50 Handset repair Engineer (Level II)TL/S/L4/C003120001500L4TSSCTelecom10+2 / ITI (including final year candidates)Service350
51 Broadband TechnicianTL/S/L4/C004120001500L4TSSCTelecom10+2Service350
52 Optical Fiber TechnicianTL/S/L4/C005120001500L4TSSCTelecom10+2Service350
53 Electrical testing of telecom assembliesTL/M/L4/C013120001500L4TSSCTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
54 Grass Root telecom ProviderTL/S/L4/C014120001500L4TSSCNetwork Management10th + ITI, 12th passService350
55 IPC acceptability criteria of Telecom PCB assembliesTL/M/L4/C015120001500L4TSSCTelecom ManufacturingITI/ Diploma(electronic) or Bsc.(electronics)Manfacturing350
56 SMT process for telecom boardsTL/M/L4/C016120001500L4TSSCTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
57 Soldering of telecom board assembliesTL/M/L4/C017120001500L4TSSCTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma (electronics) or Bsc.(Electronics)Manfacturing350
58 Telecom tower equipment installer and integratorTL/S/L4/C018120001500L4TSSCPassive Infra10+2/ITIService350
59 Telecom industry network specialistTL/S/L4/C019120001500L4TSSCNetwork Operation MaintITI/ DiplomaService370
60 Tele-health TechnicianTL/S/L4/C020120001500L4TSSCMedical Electronics10th +ITI /Diploma ( Electronics, Instrumentation, BiomedicalService350
61 Telecom Quality TechnicianTL/M/L4/C021120001500L4TSSCTelecom ManufacturingITI / Diploma ( Electrical, electronics, Instrumentation)Manfacturing350
62 Installation Engineer SDH & DWDMTL/S/L5/C006150002000L5TSSCTelecomDiploma(including final year candidate)Service400
63 Installation Engineer Networking Layer & LayerTL/S/L5/C007150002000L5TSSCTelecomDiplomaService400
64 Telecom Embedded Hardware DeveloperTL/M/L5/C010150002000L5TSSCTelecom ElectronicsDiploma (including final year candidate)Manfacturing350

NOTE: To apply for a course Please see the training partner of your state and contact them directly
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